Welcome! Thanks so much for stopping by. You can call me Kate. I’m an Event Coordinator and home cook from Melbourne, Australia. I started this blog as a way of showcasing and sharing my dairy free cooking adventures with the rest of the dairy free community.

It’s fair to say I love food! Savoury or sweet, give me an idea and I’ll do my best to recreate it to be completely dairy free and quite often, vegan too.

I’ve read a lot of dairy free recipes over the past couple of years after realising I had an allergy to dairy myself. In an effort to not miss out on all the delightful treats there are out there in the world I often experiment (sometimes not successfully!) to try and find that ultimate recipe.

From curries, croissants, soups to banana bread, I love all cuisines and cooking styles. My passions lie in the sweets though with so many delights not made readily available in a dairy free variety.

My food dream is pretty simple, good company and completely dairy free dishes that will win over even the most committed cheese lovers!

I believe that cooking should be fun and flexible. I eat a mix of vegetarian, vegan and meat dishes, so you’ll find a few options on here; I’m a big believer in eating whole foods with as little processed ingredients as possible.

Like anyone, I’m also a supporter of indulging every now and then, and yes that is possible when you’re dairy free!

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Happy cooking –┬áKate xo